Nonprofit FAQs

What is GoodSpree?

What are the big advantages to using merchandise for fundraising?

I would like to use my own design. What type of file can I use?

What types of products are available for GoodSpree to print?

How does GoodSpree make money?

What is the minimum product price?

What is Name Your Price?

How much money can I raise?

Will my organization receive a tax form?

Are purchases made through GoodSpree tax-deductible?

Does GoodSpree send a tax letter to donors?

Are payments/donations secure?

How are funds distributed to non-profits?

Is there a restriction on what I can raise money for?

Is there a print minimum?

How will purchases from GoodSpree appear on a credit card statement?

Is there a fee to donors for making a contribution?

Can supporters hide their name from public view when making a donation?

Can supporters receive a refund?

Who sets the prices for GoodSpree products?

What can I do to help my campaigns succeed?

Does GoodSpree accept international payments and ship internationally?

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