Turnkey Ecommerce for Nonprofits

Sell custom printed goods & collect donations
for your nonprofit — at no cost


How It Works

Our design team uses your logo and branding to design custom products for your nonprofit.

We create a storefront and "campaigns" which make the products for your nonprofit available for sale.

We work together to promote the products through Facebook, Amazon, and email.

What You Can Sell

With GoodSpree your nonprofit can choose from a wide variety of high-quality custom printed products to sell. Popular items include: t-shirts, mugs, throw pillows, wall art, shower curtains, flip flops, towels, totes, and yoga mats.

Why GoodSpree?

GoodSpree combines charitable giving with tangible benefits that nonprofit supporters actually want--beautiful custom designed apparel and home decor products unique to each nonprofit.

Pam Hogan Author
Fundraising Without Fundraisers

The truth is, we may not all be philanthropists, but we are consumers. We don't have to be convinced that satisfying a desire is a good idea, it's what we do. This means you have the wonderful opportunity to marry the public's affinity towards nonprofits with the public's habit of satisfying their desires.

Sell custom printed goods & collect donations — at no cost