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Known as Turquesa for the brilliance of the sky in the Chiapas region, it produces a cup as bright and lively as the name suggests. The peppery scent and chocolate finish are both enlivening and soothing.

  • ARABICA VARIETY: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catuai
  • PROCESS: Fully Washed
  • ELEVATION: 900-1100 meters
  • REGION: Chiapas
About the Design

The posters began as a series about exoplanets -- planets orbiting other stars -- to celebrate NASA's study of them. (The NASA program that focuses on finding and studying exoplanets is managed by JPL.) Later, the director of JPL was on vacation at the Grand Canyon with his wife, and they saw a similarly styled poster that reminded them of the exoplanet posters. They suggested it might be wonderful to give a similar treatment to the amazing destinations in our solar system that JPL is currently exploring as part of NASA. And they were right!

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